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    Safflower Oil (Safflower)

    Safflower is a plant. The blossom and oil from the seeds are utilized as drug. Safflower seed oil is utilized for avoiding coronary illness, including "solidifying of the supply routes" (atherosclerosis) and stroke. It is additionally used to treat fever, tumors, hacks, breathing issues, thickening conditions, torment, coronary illness, chest torment, and horrible wounds.


    A few people utilize it for actuating sweating; and as a purgative, stimulant, antiperspirant, and expectorant to help slacken mucus. Ladies now and then utilize safflower oil for missing or difficult menstrual periods; they utilize safflower blossom to cause a fetus removal. In nourishments, safflower seed oil is utilized as a cooking oil. In assembling, safflower blossom is utilized to shading beautifiers and color textures. Safflower seed oil is utilized as a paint dissolvable. 
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