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    Bancha Tea (Bancha Tea)

    Bancha tea is a Japanese green tea that gives cancer prevention agent benefits because of its polyphenols. Cancer prevention agents help decrease harm caused by cell-harming free radicals in your body. It can be expended alone, or soaks alongside ginger and umbeoshi plum. 


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    Bancha tea may moderate certain tumors - or ensure you against them, as per the National place for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The specialists at the National Institutes of Health say it might help anticipate esophageal, pancreatic, bladder and ovarian malignancies. For instance, ladies might have the capacity to lessen the danger of ovarian growth by 46 percent by drinking at least some green tea daily. Bancha tea has properties that may help control basic oral contaminations, including periodontal malady and pits.
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