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    Assam Tea (Assam Tea)

    Solid, tart and malty with a dim rosy dark colored shading, Assam tea is named after the Assam area of upper east India, the world's biggest tea developing locale. Assam tea is named a kind of dark tea and is normally alluded to as English breakfast or Irish breakfast tea.


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    The caffeine substance of Assam tea influences considering and sharpness. Assam tea causes you to remain alert regardless of whether you are encountering a broadened period without rest. The caffeine, be that as it may, can cause reactions if devoured in vast amounts, cautions MedlinePlus. Dodge unfavorable impacts of caffeine, for example, cerebral pains, anxiety, sporadic heartbeat, heart consume and peevishness, by drinking less than five glasses for each day. 
    Assam is the quintessential black Indian tea. Rich, robust, astringent and highly aromatic--milk and sugar complement this tea well.
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